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SKYLINK Phone Utility is a program developed by Giant Telecom Ltd. The most commonly used version of SKYLINK Phone Utility is 2.0.14, with over 45% of all installations. SKYLINK 2-in-1 Phone Monitor.exe or SKYLINK 2-in-1 Phone Utility.exe are the most commonly used filenames for this program's installer. The number of this software users on Software Informer is 28. It is supported by any Windows OS. It was first mentioned in our database on Mar 15, 2008. Users of this software gave it the rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.
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    Derek M Bond 7 years ago

    This update fixed my phone issue of being on-line then going off-line approximately 10 times per hour. The old version wasn't working of course, which is what must be included in the CD that comes with the GE phone. I'm happy but the whole setup with SKYPE

  • 1
    Guest 7 years ago

    the 2.0.011 is not working with Vista, is the 2.0.015 working with or not.
    ansers to norbert_gablinger at hotmail dot com

  • 2
    rick 7 years ago

    DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE! (GE Skype DECT 6.0 - 2 in 1 Internet & Standard Phone)
    I have had nothing but grief since I started using it . . . I have downloaded and installed every updated software for Skype and the GE phone that uses this software. I also bought a new Asus motherboard that claimed to be skype-friendly . . . After spending over $100.00 rebuilding my internet computer and $75.00 for the phone, I still have to re-install all software several times eveytime I'm billed by Skype! The cost of long distance may be cheap, But the actual cost of getting set-up and the aggravation of using the software may be incalculable.


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